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Wayne Oberst

I just finished my 10th year of participation in the Ride To Conquer Cancer and 2020 with mark the 10th Anniversary for Team Rock The $#@! Out Of Cancer. I started down this road early in 2010 for a number of reasons but largely to honor a close friend who was just beginning her battle with brain cancer. We lost her in November 2010 and I continue to ride with her and many others in mind. As you may or may not already know I had my brief brush with cancer late in 2008 and have never really gotten back to my "normal" self. Maybe that is not all bad :D.

The past 11 years have been life changing for me with countless rides, fund raisers, new friends, and performances for thousands of people. For this next year we have decided to turn this thing up all the way by inviting back both former team members as well as new ones. We will have not only more fund raising events but bigger ones as well.


Now I know what you are thinking, "everyone has their hands out these days and there are a number of worthy causes". You are right and I feel the same way. I want to help them all but I can't. What I can do is find something that I can be passionate about and wholeheartedly throw my support and effort behind. This is something that I can do that will ultimately have the ability to help everyone in some way. Everyone knows someone who is affected by cancer.


Who is it that is on your mind and in your heart?


Please contribute to this history-making event with a donation and pay tribute to that person. Funds raised in The Ride to Conquer Cancer support breakthrough research, exemplary teaching, and compassionate care made possible through BC Cancer Foundation, a leader in cancer research and care.


Thank you in advance for your help.

In support of the

Ride to Conquer Cancer

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