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About Us

Team Rock the $#@! Out Of Cancer is a team of individuals who want to make a difference. Our tanacious team was started by captains Wayne Oberst and Scott Dunnet in 2010. 


Every June we ride our bicycles 250+ km from Vancouver, BC, to Seattle, WA to raise money for the BC Cancer Foundationvia the Ride To Conquer Cancer. Our team is based in the Lower Mainland, with 10 members from the Fraser Valley and the remainder spread as far east as Calgary and west as Sydney BC.  We are a music based team who use music as a tool to raise money and have members ranging from music fans to weekend garage band musicians to professionals such as Trevor McDonald and Mick Dalla-Vee (Bachman & Turner). 


The first year we had just 4 riders and one crew member and as a team were able to raise just over $20,000. In 2011 our team grew to 9 riders and 2 crew members.  We raised just over $30,000 through corporate sponsorship, pub nights, personal donations, and an awesome rock show! In 2012 we had 20 members and raised just over $65,000! 2013 was a difficult year in many ways and in spite of having less riders we still managed to raise $37,000. Our 2014 goal of $75,000 is a lofty one but with your help we can make it.


We all have personal reasons for riding, just as you have reasons for supporting us. Whatever our individual reasons were for joining ultimately WE RIDE FOR YOU!


In support of the

Ride to Conquer Cancer

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